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Breann Cornell


Full Name Breann Cornell
Year Of Study 3rd Year
Phone Number (616) 826-5929
What is your area of study? Environmental Engineering
Please describe what drew you to the ITOxygen Enterprise I learned about ITOxygen through the Mobile Developers Club and I was drawn to it by the opportunities it offered for graphic design.
Please describe what you and your team do in the ITOxygen Enterprise I work on making graphics as needed, from the banner of the Snocial Network, redesigning the ITOxygen logo, to making business cards and posters.
Please describe some valuable experiences you learned through ITO, that can translate into today's workplace I have learned how to take direction from people regarding how they wish a task to be completed to better the final outcome of the product.
Lastly, tell us what you like to do outside of ITOxygen (Hobbies, etc) Some of my hobbies include running marathons and ultrarunning, violin, taxidermy, and Spanish.
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