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Joshua Knight

Josh Knight

Full Name Joshua Knight
Year Of Study 2nd Year
Phone Number
What is your area of study? Computer Network & Systems Administration / Electrical Engineering
Please describe what drew you to the ITOxygen Enterprise I was drawn to the idea of working in teams to do something that I was really interested in. Everybody there seemed to want what I wanted; to learn more about technology, practice my skills, and to have a chance to apply these skills in real world situations.
Please describe what you and your team do in the ITOxygen Enterprise I'm a part of the operations team, and it's our job to keep the enterprise working behind-the-scenes. From managing lab computers and servers, to troubleshooting software and implementing new features, we support the platform that the development teams use to work. We worry about things like backups, security patches, access control to resources, and uptime.
Please describe some valuable experiences you learned through ITO, that can translate into today's workplace I've definitely learned how to manage a network built for multiple teams. This can translate into managing a network used to support multiple departments that have both shared and private resources. I'm starting to learn best practices with things like active directory/group policy, software deployment, and backups.
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