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Kaleb Elwert


Full Name Kaleb Elwert
Year Of Study 2nd Year
Phone Number (810) 360-8445
What is your area of study? Software Engineering
Please describe what drew you to the ITOxygen Enterprise I've always wanted to find a group of talented programmers who enjoyed programming. ITOxygen is the perfect environment for programming and it shows in the people who are there.
Please describe what you and your team do in the ITOxygen Enterprise I've worked with a few teams at ITOxygen. We've worked with CCI Systems to help improve their NOC, a large webapp written in Ruby on Rails. I've also gotten to write completely new apps in PHP using a custom in-house scalable framework.
Please describe some valuable experiences you learned through ITO, that can translate into today's workplace Working at ITOxygen provides a team based work experience that won't come from classes. I've learned how agile development works, as well as how to develop large web apps in a team based environment.
Lastly, tell us what you like to do outside of ITOxygen (Hobbies, etc) Outside of ITOxygen, I'm involved in Pep Band and Jazz Band, as well as a number of personal projects.
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