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Timothy Weerakoon


Full Name Timothy Weerakoon
Year Of Study 3rd Year
Phone Number N/A
What is your area of study? Software Eningeering & Computer Systems Science
Please describe what drew you to the ITOxygen Enterprise Being able to apply what I've learned in the classroom to real-world projects for clients. Then seeing that product grow and knowing that I helped developed it.
Please describe what you and your team do in the ITOxygen Enterprise Last semester, I was on the Blue Sky team where our client was Blue Sky Health located in Houghton. We developed an online patient-portal for patients, providers, and doctors to interact with.
Please describe some valuable experiences you learned through ITO, that can translate into today's workplace Some experiences I find pertinent that are used in today's workplace is working in a team. Team management is definitely an important skill to master to be successful, where you are organizing meetings, and anything else that may lead to the team's final product.
Lastly, tell us what you like to do outside of ITOxygen (Hobbies, etc) I enjoy playing video games, messing with computers, soccer, running, and spending time with friends.
Resume (PDF format) N/A