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Where has your MTU degree and ITOxygen experience led you?


After graduating from Michigan Tech with a BS in Computer Science and a minor in Electrical Engineering, I was offered a position outside of Minneapolis, MN. I previously had done four semesters of Co-op at Emerson Process Management- Rosemount Inc. in Chanhassen, MN and they offered me a position in their Pressure R/D Department. I work as a Software Test Engineer writing C# code used to test the capabilities of our pressure sensors used primarily in the oil/gas industry. I verify that the transmitters are ready for full production by testing the requirements and making sure the software in the product does what it needs to do and vice versa. ITOxygen helped tremendously with my team coding experience and built knowledge for me that I would not have acquired in the classroom. I valued my time I spent here and I hope other students can continue to grow and gain valuable experience with ITOxygen Enterprise.

After ITOxygen I began working as a Business Analyst for Agate Sofware. At Agate I use the skills I learned at MTU and developed in ITOxygen as I make sure our software meets client needs and to develop new solutions to meet needs discovered in gap analysis. MTU and ITOxygen allowed me to hit the ground running and immediately be an asset.

Currently, I'm running my own business in the smartzone working with people in the financial industry in New York developing a communications and trading platform. We are currently in alpha of our launch and will move in to general beta in the next few weeks. We are also implementing our own SaaS suite which will include all of the big platforms in one place as well as a decision making platform that will be able to help you use your own personal data for a myriad of applications. Currently we have people dotted around India China and Malaysia as well. This has also lead me to start working with a soon to be Tech alum on a joint analytics firm using my platform to help him with various consulting ventures..