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Target Mobile

This is a project that the corporation Target requested be designed in order to organize carpools among team members and contractors via a mobile device. It allows users to sign up for the application, as well as enter their profile information with information such as name, email, phone number, address, and position at Target. It will also show maps via Google Mapping API, allow users to start a new carpool, allow users to request to join a new carpool, and show carpool information. It will be able to track the total miles traveled by any particular carpool as well. 


There are two components to the application: the mobile app and the web service to store the data and the mobile app will be built as a hyrbrid-app which will be one code-base that will be used on both iOS and Android. The technologies used to create the app are HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, jQueryMobile, jQuery, Knockout.js, and PhoneGap.