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The Patient Portal was designed for the use of BlueSky Health and their affiliates.  This online software enables a quicker understanding of patients by readily displaying information to doctors about patients.  It also allows for easy communication between patients and doctors.  One of the key features about this software is the fact that it is a modular system, where if there is a sudden need for a functionality that does not already exist, a simple module can be developed to become a part of the system, and then it can be used regularly. Please note descriptions of main modules below:

The Registration System:

  • This system is a simple form that takes user information and stores it into a database, where a profile is created for the patient, doctor, or administrator.

The Log-in System:

  • This system verifies the identity of a user with a user-name and password. After verifying information on the database securely, the system will either deny or grant access depending on correct input.  After which the user will be forwarded to the home page of the portal.

The Mail System:

  • This system allows any user to send and receive email from other users. It is one option of communication between users. Other functions of the system allow organization and comprehensive history of sent and received mail.

The Instant Messaging System:

  • This system allows any user to send and receive instant messages from users that are on a  contact list. This allows for patients to speak with their doctors while on the Patient Portal, where it is another option for communication between users.

These four modules are a part of the original system, and the Patient Portal itself has the ability to grow and expand with various and numerous functions.