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We are developing an application for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBSA) that will allow them to graphically view information pertinent to their business. Big Brothers Big Sisters consists of the agency headquarters located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and 394 affiliated agencies located throughout the continential United States,  Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Guam. The new system is a web based application that displays maps that depict information about agencies, remote locations and agency service community areas. It uses both BBBSA data and United States Census Bureau data as input. The system is entirely based on open source software and runs on any Java based web application server. The system has a public interface that allows the general public to find the location and information about BBBSA locations by geographical area and a secure interface that  will allows authorized BBBSA users to analyze geographically areas for potential fund raising efforts, new members, agency health,  and new agencies locations.

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