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The Nature Conservancy

In 2008, we  secured a partnership with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) of Michigan. The state of Michigan TNC has developed a state wide land use database that serves the forty land trusts in the state of Michigan and the general public. This database, has gained momentum in its use, but lacks a good web based interface. The Conservation and Recreational Lands (CARL) database, is ArcGIS based. ArcGIS is the name of a group of geographic information system product lines produced by ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute).



 We worked with TNC todevelop an interactive web based interface to the CARL database which allows users to select areas of interest on a visual map and retrieve detailed information from the database for those selected areas. A security framework was implemented to provide secure access to restricted data along with appropriate access for the general public. The potential users for this software include the general public, county planning departments and land developers. This application is now targeted for the state of Michigan, but has the potential to expand to include larger areas such as the entire Lake Superior basin.


We also worked with TNC to provide them with a project management system. This system is based on the Redmine open source software package and provides TNC personnel with a way to manage projects and the documents associated with those projects.



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