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Research Proposal Transmittal System

The Research Proposal Transmittal System provides a web based system which can be used by MTU faculty and staff to initiate requests for approval of research proposals, The system provides a web form that is completed by the proposal requester. The system will help the  requestor to complete the form accurately by providing pull down menus, calendars and help text. Once the form is completed and initiated, the system will place the request in a queue and notify the appropriate parties via e-mail that they need to take action on the request. They can then sign on to the system to view and digitally sign or decline the form. Once all the appropriate signatures are obtained, the Office of Sponsered Research Programs is notified and they provide the final approval. The completed form is then stored electronically in a history database. The system provides a Dashboard which alow the Office of  Sponsored Research Programs to view the current state of research proposals in the system. This project was done using IBM WebSphere Business Modeler and IBM WebSphere Integration Developer.

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