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Resource Entity Mapping System

The entity mapping software produced for the Boy Scouts of America, The Nature Conservancy, and Big Brothers Big Sisters provides a good base for producing a generic entity mapping system that is not tied to any particular organization's data. We will modify the code to make it generic in nature. It will allow potential users to visually map and analyze their resources, client base, potential client base, donors and potential donors for a more efficient management of their business. The system will use public domain census data, school enrollment data, and allow users to input their own data into the system.

This application will be available as is with an installer that will set up the necessary files and create the .war file for Tomcat, or the code will be available via Subversion for customization.

You can view a demo of the Generic Mapping Application at ITOxygen Mapping Application. This demo includes the school data and census data that will be available with the base application. There is also a link to the Subversion repository and installer.