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Video Conference Scheduling System

This is a program originally written to facilitate the scheduling of doctor-patient video conferences as well as normal scheduling of video conferences equipment. It was built on the open-source software phpScheduleIt! by Nick Korbel. The program can be used for any type of scheduling need, there just may be features that a general user will not need. ScheduleIt is set up for multiple sites and multiple users, users can be assigned as a site coordinator and will receive e-mail notifications when their site is scheduled for a conference. Once a site is booked, it cannot be booked again for the same timeslot, preventing double booking. Modifications to meeting attendees and times also send out e-mails to notify all participants of any changes. There are many configurable settings, including pre-set meeting titles, meeting types, and many others. Three types of views are available to see schedules, a calendar view, a grid-view showing all meetings for a day, and a free-busy grid showing when sites are available. A live demo is available at Source Code: Zip archive is located at Tar archive is located at Questions about the project? email