Infrastructure and IT Services

The ITOxygen Team can provide numerous infrastructure and IT services for your business or organization.  The ITOxygen Operations team is made up of talented individuals with background in computer network system administration.  Below are a couple of services that the ITOxygen team can provide for your infrastructure and IT services.

Server and workstation setup and configuration
The ITOxygen operations team can set up and configure any type of server or workstation that your organization or business may need. 

Windows, Linux, Mac OSX support
The ITOxygen team are well trained in a variety of different operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, etc.  If your organization or business needs any support like installing, upgrading, or dual booting your operating system, the ITOxygen team can provide that to you.

LAN/Wireless solutions
The ITOxygen Team can provide your organization or business a LAN(Local Area Network) or a wireless solution for your internet.  They will make sure that it is reliable and completely secure.

Virtualization, backups, and more
The ITOxygen Team can provide your organization much more infrastructure and IT services like virtualization, backups, and more.  Please contact us, if you want something done and you can't find it.  More likely we will be able to provide your business or organization with whatever you may need. 


Want to learn more? Contact us for a free quote and see how ITOxygen can help you with your Drupal website or application.