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If your organization or business needs a custom solution, IT Oxygen is more than capable to help with your information technology needs. From website development and custom applications to network design and set up, let IT Oxygen work on a custom solution for you.

Service Description
Websites and Web Services
  • Develop a custom website
  • Help with hosting and maintenance
  • Provide training and documentation
  • Integrate with social media
Themes, Skins, and Layouts
  • Custom design for your website
  • Integrate photos and logos for your organization
  • Design new or existing websites
  • Works with WordPress, custom HTML, and more
Infastructure and IT Services
  • Server and workstation setup and configuration
  • Windows, Linux, Mac OSX support
  • LAN/Wireless solutions
  • Virtualization, backups, and more
Service Description
Application Development
  • Custom applications and programs
  • Training and documentation
  • Support for updates and bug reports
  • Java, PHP, .NET, and more
Workflow Analysis
  • Develop your workflow to improve productivity
  • Recommend applications and tools
  • Provide training and documentation
  • Tailor a design that fits your organization
Business Intelligence
  • Analyze your data through visuals
  • Create custom graphs and charts
  • Data drilling tools
  • Database set up and SQL querying