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Student FAQ

How do I Join?

Contact our advisor, Russ Louks at to learn more about us and the means to join the IT Oxygen enterprise.You could also reach out to any current member of IT Oxygen and they would be more than willing to help get you started with the enterprise. If you want to learn more about us but aren't read to join yet, meet us at different events on campus.

IT Oxygen Team

What is Enterprise?

The enterprise program is a great way to get involved on campus where you can work on real projects for real clients . Read more about The Enterprise Program directly from Michigan Tech's website.

What makes IT Oxygen Different?

IT Oxygen is a student-run enterprise with a large focus on Information System and Information Technology solutions. We work with real companies and get paid for our efforts. You will also have the ability to gain valuable experience not offered in the classroom. We are a goal-oriented enterprise that focuses on emerging technologies and their application to solving real world business problems.

Who can Join?

IT Oxygen invites all majors to join, but reccommends that you have an interest in Information Technology and Information Systems. We don't discourage anybody from starting too early or late in their college career from joining IT Oxygen, though we do reccommend that first years don't join until their second semester due to the college transition.

How do the Projects Work?

Once you've joined IT Oxygen you will learn about the different project teams that are running that semester. A few weeks into the semester you will need to choose a project team to become a part of. The projects typically run a couple of semesters. Team members can be from an array of majors within the university.